Ideas for healthcare

Animal tracks can be something fun and interesting that make a patient’s visit a little more pleasant. Our stick-ons, stickers, and stencils offer many possibilities.

Pediatrics units and children’s hospitals

Instead of boring lines to show you where to go, you can follow a trackway - on the floor or on the wall.

Use them as wall decorations in rooms and hallways. Put animal tracks on the ceiling in the pediatrics ward over the beds, so patients have something else to look at.

Add animal track stickers to your collection of stickers for patients. We can even customize them to include the name of your facility if you choose. Put paw prints or trackways on the floor of waiting rooms to give visitors and patients something else to do.

Pediatricians offices

Decorate examination room walls and ceilings. Put down trackways on the floor, so patients can “follow the trail to the scale” or “take the path to the bathroom.”

Give out matching stickers that can be customized with your name. Coordinate the tracks with pictures of the animal and use them to label and decorate your exam rooms. “You are going to be in the Bear Room today.”

Dentist offices

Use trackways to show patients where to go. Put prints on the ceiling over the patient’s chair to make their stay more fun. Give out matching stickers that can be customized with your name.