Loon track

Loons only leave the water and put down footprints during nesting season.

A loon’s large, streamlined feet are located at the rear of its body, next to the tail. This makes the loon an unbalanced, awkward walker, but it moves rapidly through the water.

The Native Americans called the loon “Fish with Feathers.” They can dive 200 feet down and stay submerged for five minutes as they hunt for fish. 

Vinyl Stick-ons

The vinyl stick-ons for the loon are 4 inches wide and 5.8 inches long. Each individual loon stick-on is $2.50. A set of two pieces is $5.


The loon stencil is 4 inches wide and 5.8 inches long. The loon stencil is $7.

Loon photo