Grizzly Bear

Grizzly Bear track

The grizzly bear and the black bear leave tracks that are very similar. They differ mostly in size. Although, a large black bear print and a small grizzly print can be indistinguishable.

The black bear has a padded heel on the front paw, but it usually does not show in a footprint.

The claws of the grizzly are generally much longer, sometimes approaching four inches in length. Their claws can wear down, though, increasing the resemblance to the black bear.

Grizzlies, like humans, have a predominant paw, and the claws on that paw are more worn from greater use.

Vinyl Stick-ons

The vinyl stick-ons for the grizzly bear are 4 inches wide and 15.33 inches long. There are two prints on each stick-on piece. Each grizzly bear stick-on is $7.50. A set of two pieces is $15.


The grizzly bear stencil is 6 inches wide and 23 inches long. The grizzly bear stencil is $16.

Grizzly Bear photo