Andy Young

Andy Young with a Tyrannosaurus track.

Hi, I’m Andy Young. Welcome to my web site. Andy’s Animal Tracks started out as my Eagle Project for Boy Scouts. We made stencils of life-sized animal tracks, including dinosaurs, and painted animal trackways on play areas at elementary schools, daycare centers, and at the pediatrics unit of our local hospital.

The response was so enthusiastic, we created this web site to make the stencils available to everyone. We have also developed vinyl stick-ons for floors, walls, ceilings and windows, as well as stickers and other products that feature animal tracks.

As you click through the site, you will find pages dedicated to different applications.

  • Health Care Institutions - hospitals, pediatricians, dentists - Make everyone’s visit more fun and interesting.
  • Playgrounds - schools and pre-schools, daycare centers, community centers
  • Team Mascots - all kinds of possibilities
  • Zoos, Museums, and Libraries - paths, signs, and gift shop items
  • Home Decor - decorate a bedroom wall

I have also included some tips on using the stencils and stick-ons, some ideas for ways to use them, a kid’s page, FAQs, and of course, a catalogue page where you can see our basic collection of prints and learn some interesting facts about each animal and its footprint.

Finally, if you have another animal whose print you would like to have, let us know. It might be a school mascot, an animal of special interest, or even your child’s footprint or handprint. Contact us for details on custom orders.

Enjoy your visit!


PS: I am developmentally disabled, and Andy’s Animal Tracks was started with a Microenterprise Grant to create a sustainable enterprise for me. Andy’s Animal Tracks is owned by my parents, for my benefit. My parents operate it with help from me and occasional help from my two brothers. We thank you for checking out our web site and hope you find it interesting.